We are providing places to stay for foreign tourists.

Our places are warmer and more at home than a budget hotel !
Our places are more fun than a guest house !

More reasonable charge more than a budget hotel
and guest house and B&B !!

Daily Accommodation charge ¥3,900-/per person

You can stay a maximum of 10 days (9 nights)

Do you want to experience Japanese culture in the local Japanese ?
Stay in a Japanese-style room and enjoy the beautiful
day-to-day culture of Japan !!

Kansai Sightseeing

Less than one hour from Osaka, Kyoto, Nara ・・
There is beautiful scenery around us.

The staff who can speak English notifies of
the real estate information in Osaka!

Call: +81-72-878-0003 (10:00 ~ 17:00)

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Osaka Komuten Co., Ltd.
1-14-3 Nozaki Daitou-city,Osaka Japan 574-0015
Tel:+81-72-878-0003 Fax:+81-72-879-0381